Writing a synopsis first?

Five months into my book writing project and I still haven’t finished the planning and research stage. Why? Because I’m keen to get the basic plot structure and characters fixed in my mind before I start drafting, as I know this has let me down before.

I am following a particular writing method – the Snowflake Method – which is definitely helping me sort out my plot. The only trouble is that I’ve now hit the point where I need to write a four-page synopsis of my still-to-be-written novel, and I am finding it hard going…

Don’t get me wrong – I entirely get the point of doing the synopsis. It has helped me find so many holes in my storyline and questions that need to be answered, that my book is already a hundred times more rounded than it would have been if I had not gone through this process. But the part of me that just wants to start writing the wretched thing is getting bigger all the time. I’m finding it hard to focus on the bigger picture and I keep drifting off into the finer detail: the conversations, interactions and descriptions.

I’m itching to write them all down, and I keep sneaking off-keyboard to do so.

Tell me to focus, someone! I’ve not got much more ‘snowflaking’ to go!

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